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Quality of Mind, Quality of Life

Who we are?

We are a coaching and consulting service that supports organizations and leaders in transforming their workforces and professional lives. Our multidisciplinary, science-based approach is for leaders who want to change reality for the better. For those that value well-being and self-fulfillment and want to improve productivity and efficiency.
How do we do it?

We provide techniques to your team using the principles of six sigma, neuroplasticity, and organizational psychology to:

  • Empowering staff through creative thinking

  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance to enhance wellbeing

  • Improve performance and engagement at work or at home

  • Reduce mistakes and better decision-making

  • Minimize distractions and manage stress

  • Improve resiliency

  • Emphasize continuous improvements and set a control plan

  • Habit change for consistency, self-disciplinary, and self-determination

Our mission

We bring value to the quality of people's lives through a quality workplace. We know over time motivation, effectiveness, and performance toward success vary over time and we are here to help you to optimize your performance to accomplish your wildest goals as a leader.

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WRDEP Rules:
1- Wellbeing
2- Resiliency 
3- Decision Making and Creative Thinking

4- Engagement
5- Productivity 

Our study for effectiveness after 30 minute of MINDOZONE sequential mind-body-sensory practices on reducing stress and increasing productivity. (Researched on 2019)