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Alex Young

Neuro-Mind Leadership 3 Months Program

A Transformation Path To Quantum Leadership   

First Month 


1- Preparing your environment to succeed

1- To obtain encouragement, tell others about your new daily regimen. 2- Make it extra visible: Put your yoga mat next to your bed if you want to do yoga in the morning. 3-Identify the negative trigger. Identify what caused you to procrastinate or start an uncomfortable habit and eliminate it. Reminding yourself of your core why can help your brain neuroplasticity make new behaviors easier to acquire. Remember that prioritizing your inner well-being makes you more energetic and productive. Your health determines your vitality, career success, joy, and inner peace. Positivity opens doors.

2- Activate reward neurotransmitter

Bring dopamine neurotransmitters to your brain by saying something celebratory or clapping to yourself. We propose setting an empty jar with marbles or coins (or other comparable objects) as a prize for completing the assignment each day. Share your count to get Celebrating Together live session

3-  Set an alarm 

First, set your alarm for all of our upcoming meetings, as well as the new nighttime and morning routine. 1 hour prior to bedtime No screening alarm before bedtime, for example, or any other habits outlined in the plan created specifically for you.

Leaders and high-performing executives who are used to being in control and not asking for help need accountability to modify their habits. An accountability team can give leaders and high-performers a sense of community and support, according to many studies. Checkmark on the provided form every day to collect your points. Whoever gets the most points every two weeks gets our live fun, entertaining yet challenging session.

Weekly Focus

1- Brain Longevity Practice

2- Mind Calming Practices

3- Self-Reflection Writings

4-Key Skills Nudges and Education

Neurobic and aerobics are critical for brain longevity because of the demands of their jobs. Executives are often under high levels of stress, which can have negative effects on the brain over time. They also need to be able to think critically, make quick decisions, and manage complex tasks, all of which require a high level of cognitive function. These practices can also help executives to manage stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance, which is critical for long-term success and well-being.

Every night you will receive autosuggestion or guided meditation or binaural music series depending on the assessment questioners you have completed at the being of the program.

Mindful writing and self-reflection are so different from what you may have heard about other types of journaling.  Each week is designed to focus on essential leadership behaviors for their success. At the end of our master's program with the help of AI technology (emotional analysis through text), you can see how your mental state has changed over the course of this program through what you have written. You will be receiving a report on the last day of the program.  Every day and night, you will be instructed what to write and there will be a button to click to start writing. The goal is to practice the art of awareness and mindful living and improve your mental and emotional health.

Depending on your program, we will give nudges and educational material about Quantum leadership, the art of perseverance through the power of neuroplasticity, emotional intelligence and resiliency, and growth mindset and creativity.  development of emotional intelligence promotes pleasant work environments, teamwork, and empathy. A growth mindset fosters adaptability, innovation, and resilience. Including these nudges in your daily routine will alter your behaviors, reinforce program concepts, and have a positive impact on your personal and professional life, leading to greater leadership, decision-making, and a more enjoyable journey.

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