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Our Approach to Well-being

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We tap into the 
Quantum-Vedic minds

The mind is everything. What you think you become. -Buddha 

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To have a quality of mind you need the right mindset as well as a high-frequency state of mind.

Everything starts in your Mind; Thoughts create feelings, feelings create behavior and habits, behavior reinforces thoughts. When you have the right mindset for taking your life to the next level you would be consistent in your well-being decision and you will never procrastinate. Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into a consistent application. Our program's main success is that we uniquely incorporated different dimensions of mind with simple daily practices so that by the end of our program, your mindset is ready to take actions to thrive, improve your general wellbeing and brain function.

"Quality of Mind, Quality of life"

Find Meaning in life


The cognitive triangle

"Holistic Wellbeing Approach"

Our philosophy is a holistic wellbeing approach; we believe you are a multidimensional being who can create your reality. Holistic Wellbeing means taking care of the whole self by focusing on self-care, creating healthy habits to make you productive, resilient, happier, and connected. It means to come at harmony within you and universal life force energy, a continual connection between body-mind-spirit to help you grow and make the world a better place to live.

In MINDOZONE we set multiple practices that can help you in three dimensions of your body physical, mental, emotional, which results in improving you in all The Life Wheel (self-aspect, behavioral aspect, social aspect, physical aspect, emotional and spiritual aspect).

"We are Energy then Matter"

The Science behind it

The human body comprises matter and energy and we believe we are first made of energy and then formed into matter. Energy came first, then matter, then gravity (and hence space, therefore time) the theory that consciousness came first, then space-time, then energy ["there can be no energy without space"].   To have a  healthy and happy life we need to bring a balance between them and connect through universal consciousness or quantum consciousness.

That energy is both electrical (impulses and signals) and chemical (reactions), which changes through our feelings, thoughts, and emotions. When we learn to changes our energy toward positive, we change the frequency of our energy field through a shift in mindset, and our decisions lead toward anything that brings the best to our life. Our mission is to guide and mentor you to get you closer to your full potential and find the direction you want to better your life by teaching you how to get to that balance and harmony. Learn how to create a positive energy field for positive change in your life and the world.

Our thoughts, values, and behaviors have been colored by our use of language and our prevailing view of the universe. We always communicate with the world through energy frequencies which are coming from our energy of thoughts, emotions, and feelings. The higher the frequency the more heart and mind coherence, eventually more receptive to the cosmos information to decipher yourself and your potential in life.

Emotional Vibrational Scale


We are First Energy,

then Matter!



Consciousness, Ideas,


Thoughts, Feelings

Physical body



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