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Assessment Report

  1. Organizational Change Readiness Level

  2. OBT Assessment (OptiMind Business Thrive Assessment)

1. Assessing the Organizational Change Readiness Level is critical for any business optimization and transformation or change management because it determines the organization's preparedness to embrace, implement, and sustain changes effectively, ensuring strategic alignment, minimizing resistance, and maximizing the likelihood of successful outcomes. Successful organizational change or optimizing your business is entirely dependent on the ability and willingness of people to change and their mindset to change.

2. This individual assessment could for leaders and managers to incorporate various dimensions to thrive in a business; such as the PERMA wellbeing model, emotional intelligence, stress resilience, and mental efficiency, all of which are critical for success and optimal performance in a business environment. 75% of employees' mental well-being is directly influenced by the attitudes and behaviors of upper management. The ripple effect of executive wellbeing is significant, as it cascades from leaders to managers, and from managers to staff, shaping the overall success and profitability of the organization.


Neuro-Mind Leadership Workshop

Transform quality, efficiency and growth

In this three-month program, we delve into the transformative power of Neuro-mind leadership, an innovative approach poised to revolutionize workplace dynamics, enhance quality, and drive profitability through mental efficiency and well-being. Our methodology embraces the concept of neuroplasticity, teaching leaders how to actively reshape their neurobiology for peak performance. Simultaneously, we emphasize the potent influence of thought patterns, demonstrating how a shift in mindset can alter habits and perceptions. By merging these principles, we equip leaders with the knowledge to cultivate a thriving environment that fosters innovation, team cohesion, and organizational excellence.

Case Study- Peachscore_edited.jpg
Case Study- Peachscore_edited.jpg

Online Pre-recorded Course

Neuro-Mind Leadership Theory

In this 3-week course, we'll explore the power of neuroscience in business designed for entrepreneurs and business owners, equipping them with mental efficiency tools and knowledge for peak performance in daily business challenges. This program is highly recommended during the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Programs (EAP).

Online Meeting


We offer a suite of tailored webinars that align precisely with your needs, encompassing the core aspects of neuro-mind leadership, following are some examples but not limited:

  • Neuro-Adaptive Leadership: Learn to navigate through change with agility and maintain resilience in the face of adversity.

  • Cognitive Clarity and Focus: Enhance your mental sharpness and energy management to lead with greater effectiveness.

  • Emotional Intelligence Synapse: Develop a deeper understanding of your own and others' emotions to lead with empathy and insight.

  • Resilient Mindset Intensive: Build an unshakeable mental foundation to withstand and thrive amidst the challenges of leadership.

Each session is crafted to address the specific challenges and opportunities you face, ensuring that you gain relevant, actionable insights to elevate your leadership capabilities

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