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28 days Workplace Transformation

28 days Workplace Transformation

$6,500.00 Regular Price
$4,550.00Sale Price

Mindozone's program empowers your work-life well-being  and brain obtimization through a unique, multidisciplinary approach that blends neuroscience, advanced Emotional AI technology, and mindfulness practices. Get a head start before making any habit changes, as our program assesses your mental and emotional progress, develops effective skills, and guides you in re-wiring your mind to reduce stress and improve overall mental-emotional health. 


Mindozone Online Coaching Program: A Path to Optimal Work-Life Well-Being

Step 1: Initial Assessment

  • Schedule a 1-hour phone call with one of our expert coaches to assess your current well-being and work-life balance

Step 2: Personalized Program Design

  • Our coaches will design a step-by-step program tailored to your needs, incorporating brain exercises, mind-body practices, mindfulness techniques, and basic physical exercises to boost your overall mental and emotional health

Step 3: Coach-Assisted Accountability

  • Pair up with one of our motivational coaches to receive support and accountability throughout the program, and feel free to bring a friend for added synergy

Step 4: Emotional AI Technology

  • Benefit from cutting-edge Emotional AI technology, which will analyze your mental-emotional progress and provide insights via a structured journal

Step 5: Celebration of Accomplishment

  • On the final day of the program, we'll celebrate your achievements with a fun, in-person or virtual activity, marking a new chapter of personal growth and well-being.
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