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Spice up your daily routine and keep your brain young

Updated: May 7

Per researcher habit and our daily routine is neuroplasticity killer, here we explain how you can change it and give you some Neurobic (same as aerobic but for brain) to shake up your everyday routines and to sharpen your brain.

Studies by neurobiologists indicate that from 40 to 95 percent of human behavior—how we think, what we say, and our overall actions—falls into the habit category. When we are in autopilot doing our daily routine, we don't engage our brain fully. If you want to stay healthy and increase your brain function you need to get out of your routines and old habits and learn new things. The question is can we re-wire our brain and how can we take advantage of the power of neuroplasticity.

What is Neuroplasticity?

It is the ability of neural networks in the brain to changes and create new connections between neuron pathways. That means you can change and adapt how you think, what we say and behave at any age in life.

The more you break your routine and create new habits the more electrical signals through the new connection, the more you become creative, finding better solution, improve decision making from business to relationship to making healthy choice in your life. as Dr. Daniel Amen Clinical neuroscientist and psychiatric said “Change your brain change your life”

You may ask even our healthy everyday routine like exercising? How about going to work, how can change this routine?

Yes, you can create an enrich environment to do your routine. For example, you can fire up your synapse connection by just changing the regular route you take to go to work, change the street or even carpool, listen to a new music and sing the song along the way. Anything that can spice up the routine helps create and develop new neuro pathways that stimulate different parts of the brain.

It is a myth that in certain age we cannot change our brain, our change your habits our behaviors, in fact we need more change and learn new things in adulthood than any age in our life to stay healthy. The “competitive plasticity” (or “use it or lose it”), referring to the fact that if you bring the challenge to your brain then it add new connections become sharper and younger brain.

Here are deceptively simple Neurobic that are scientifically researched that help the ability to sharp your brain. Which we also use in MINDOZONE well-being program. The idea is to use your five physical senses and your emotional sense in unexpected ways and encourage you to shake up your everyday routines the help brain strengthens, preserve and grow brain cells.

Sensorial and motoric: Close your eyes and try your daily routine like taking shower, washing your teeth, select your cloth, and wearing them. If this is really challenging and hard to do for the beginning you start with doing your daily routing with the non-dominant hand even challenging typing.

Social interaction Try to random kindness effort to other people or send appreciation letter to someone that is not easy for you, like your boss.

Cognitive exercise: learn new skills, music, language, exercise. Read non-fiction book and write down what you have learned.

The More you get out the comfort zone the more you stimulate the brain, Sharpen and younger Brain.

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