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Re-create your reality to what you wish to be

Updated: May 9

“Every moment is a blank canvas with the opportunity to start over. You can paint it with the pain of the past, or the fears of the future, or you can create something completely unique and capture your dreams”.

Every day we have an opportunity to become better in mind-body-spirit, all is depending on our choices and our intention.

When you choose to live a purposeful life, your abilities and resources will allow you to accomplish changes that are beyond your wildest dreams and potential.

we are continuously forming and reforming as we learn and create memories, and we become a new person. The unique connection in your brain starts through your thoughts, feeling, and emotions, so if you want to unlock Super you try to shift your powerful thoughts to its higher frequency. our thoughts and intentions has frequency and that play important roles in our health, biology and decisions we make in life.

To be healthy and happy, we require a frequency of 200 Hz or higher. After a period of grief, we may return to a frequency lower than 200 Hz, which is normal, but if we stay there for too long, our biology and health are jeopardized.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, our unconscious mind influences 95 percent of our thoughts and beliefs, and it also controls our behaviors and our life is a printout of your subconscious.

The human mind energy field, as well as the energy of the universe, impact reality. Today, quantum physicists are persuaded that these energies exist and interact, but the mystery is figuring out how to measure and translate them into physics and mathematics. A new psychological theory suggests that synchronized vibrations lie at the heart of human consciousness, and - indeed - of all physical reality.

But the question is how can you change? How can you fulfill your potentials to thrive?

The following are the main stages to get started, as suggested by Mindozone -Mind wellbeing program:

1- Every day, set a high-vibrational intention (thought). Make sure you're paying attention to energy with a high frequency. Wherever attention is focused, energy flows!

2- Reprogram your subconscious mind by being observant of your emotions, ideas, and behavior, or by using hypnotherapy or energy psychology therapy to tap into your subconscious mind.

3- Keep your body moving and choose your nutrition wisely and giving your mind time to relax.

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