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Immunity and stress relief

Immunity and stress relief

Do Not Use If:
  • You are epileptic or prone to seizures or if you have had any history of those in the past
  • You are Pregnant
  • Anyone with a Pacemaker or Heart problem
  • Under 18 years old
Please use this guided video for at least 7 days continually. We are providing you the most powerful ancient methods, and what we want from you is to promise to yourself of being consistent on this journey. Together we make a difference!
To complement your wellness habits, we are suggesting multiple Physical and Mental activities along with sound wave therapy to change the state of mind into positive. (for more information see the following methods)

How does it work?

Following are the therapeutical methods we have used for this guided video:
1- Binaural beat therapy on the background music is the langue of your unconscious mind. Binaural beat therapy is an emerging form of sound wave therapy that re-wire your unconscious mind without you do anything just by listening it will do the work for you. Each binaural beat has a different advantage. It makes use of the fact that the right and left ear each receive a slightly different frequency tone, yet the brain perceives these as a single tone. The potential benefits include reduced stress and anxiety, increased focus, concentration, and motivation, improved confidence, better long-term memory. for more information visit:
2- Every Image that has been selected also will affect physiological improvements. The Viewing Nature Scenes has stress and fatigue recovery and relaxation effects for more information visit:
3- Subliminal messages (Not in the general program only for customized version of our guided program per each individual need. For for more information please email us)
In this version, we do not include the interactive play that is normally included in MINDOZONE program.  These techniques are suggestions to compliment your current healthy habits and enhance your respiratory function and overall immune system.  



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