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Principles and Practice to Help You Adapt to A Changing World




The world has changed dramatically after 2020 global pandemic. Many businesses and people’s ways of life have been impacted. We have had to adapt quickly and for many, it has been a challenge. We are not really taught how to navigate changes like this in a way that builds greater resilience and growth. This has resulted in an increase in anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges.


The good news is there are practices you can adopt that will help you navigate the world in a way that will help you mentally, emotionally and physically. Developing a mindset and ways of thinking that will help you cultivate more well-being and growth during times of challenge and change.


If it often actually in conflict that we have the greatest opportunity for growth. Although it might feel to some that their worlds are being shattered it is also a chance to put it back together in a way that serves you better. It’s a time of re-evaluation and self-reflection to observer if the life you are living, or you were living is one that is really in alignment with your true self? Are you living a life of meaning and purpose? 


I know this process of evaluation and reflection can feel overwhelming and confusing. No one is that great at sitting in the unknown but if you can trust the process you will see that everything will begin to fall into place. You just have to be willing to take your time to construct your life in a way that serves you.


Principles and Tools to Help with Well-Being and Growth


Regulate and Relax

We live in a pretty high-stress and anxious world. Due to this, it’s important to take time to regulate and relax. To help your nervous system out of “fight or flight” and into the “rest and digest” so you can restore your energy and not burn out. TV does not count as relaxation and restoration. Finding ways to emotionally process and also just let go are important tools to help with your mental, emotional and physical health. How do you destress and relax your nervous system? Are you doing this enough? 



It’s important to take time to check in with yourself and evaluate your thoughts, beliefs, motivations, attitudes, and desires to understand the “why” behind them. Personal reflection gives you time to evaluate your life and the trajectory you are on. It helps you gain perspective and respond more effectively to whatever circumstances arise.


Self-reflection is a conscious practice. It is about pushing pause and taking time to think about your life which can be difficult for some people to do. Often, we do things in life because we think we “should” do it because of cultural or family expectations, but many people fail to really sit and see if this is what they really want and if it is serving their well-being and happiness. Without self-reflection, you might stay in a job you don’t like or a relationship that is not going

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