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21 days wellbeing program.

We believe that Quality of Mind = Quilty of Life".  Everything starts from conenction between mind and heart (thoughts, feeling, emotion), When the mind is at peace and calm, then it allows you to understand the language of your heart. That means when your mind and heart become coherent, you can perceive your true feelings, which helps to make a desicion in life that fits to your throughself.

Our goal is to help you not only to your "Love Life" but mainly to transform your life into a different dimension. You learn how to enhance your mental performance and connect with your body, and enrich yourself.

We guide you through to learn how to change your state of mind and re-write your unconscious mind to be always connected to the vision of your best life, and your action and decision support your inner desires. Help you to know that you are the creator of your own future. This practice will prove to you that, when you are in harmony with mind-body-spirit you always stay in high mental energy frequency, you invite positive energy into your life (per the principle of universal energy ) and people who match with your energy frequency. In Mindzozne programs we are mainly focused on two main concepts;

Week One



  • Regulate Emotional StateScientific proven methods that you can start today to reduce stress and anxiety instantly

  • Grounded Optimism Techniques:  Learn how to be realistically be optimistic to stablish the foundation of true Hope.

  • Maximizers:

  • Self-Compassion 


Resilience Questionnaire

Stress level, Depression level, Anxiety Level

Body-Mind-Energy Practices

10x10x10 MINDOZONE mind-body practice

Week Two



  • Collapse the past energy blockage and rewire supportive believing system Working on unconscious mind for unwanted believe.

  • Procrastination and Nerobic

  • The power of Neuroplasticity and become who you want

  • Create the reality : understanding your narrative and how to change 


Self-compassion,  Self-Worthiness Quiz  

"How forgiving are you" Quiz

Body-Mind-Energy Practices

Brain Yoga and pranayama breathing, Hypnosis and ETP

Week Three


Set goal to success

  • Where you see yourself in the near and distant future

  • The changes that you would like to make

  • The achievements that you want to reach in your life, and

  • Procrastination and how to avoid

  • The success that you envision for yourself  and how to develop and Cultivate Greater Creativity In Your Life


Self-reflection: Identify inner values and find your main purpose in life 

Body-Mind-Energy Practices

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