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Day 1

1. Listen
2. Write
3. Breath

1- Deep Meditation Paradigm Shift
When you are still in bed, listen to this deep meditation.

 Paradigm Shift 

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a very effective method to help you uncover your unconscious thought patterns. It allows you to categorize them, identifying what is wholesome or negative and afflicted. Mindfulness is not about change; rather, it's about the power and ability to accept first what is and transmute it towards what is possible. Try it and see how your life can improve.


2- Journaling
Day & Night (5-10 Minutes)
P.S. : When you're done writing in your journals, don't forget to come back here. See You Soon!

Brain Illustration

3- Alternate Nostril Breathing
2 Minute

Optimization Brain Health
and Focus

More Knowledge to Take

Notebook and Pen

Journaling Helps Mental Health

Journaling has links to improved happiness, sleep, memory function, and personal performance.

White Structure

Choose Your Feelings

The feeling is the relationship to your emotional states, which you may adjust to benefit your mental health..

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