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​What is Motivational Chat; 

Motivational interviewing is a method that promotes positive behavior change. It can be used in a multitude of healthcare environments and situations to promote patient adherence to treatment and progress toward improved health outcomes. Motivational interviewing is based on the principles of therapeutic communication and instead of providing advice, or even just a listening ear, the interviewer acts as a coach for the patient. Motivational interviewing is a collaborative process that edifies and makes the patient responsible for personal choices. It is not exclusively a stand-alone therapy. It can be incorporated into treatments and routine care for patients with various health issues, including those with physical health problems, mental health issues, or substance use and addiction disorders. Motivational interviewing has also successfully been used along with other forms of therapy to improve the connection between the patient and the clinician and to alter the process at which the patient makes life changes. - See more at:


Do you find like you need a boost to continue your well-being journey?

Are you not enough inspired or worried about any new change, even for your own good?

Are you tired of trying to postpone things that you intend to do? Or aren't you consistent and worrying about going off track again or fail?

Sometimes the one-on-one approach is best. Our specialists can work with you to understand your needs and help you motivated on your new path, build a plan, and provide suggestions all through your email. You do not need to worry about your time zone for booking; you email our professionals, and they will respond to you back per their schedule. It is like you always have friends around the world that you feel there for you whenever you feel help and need boosting your emotional energy.​ Our goal is to motivate you to take further steps for your well-being.

Note: This is not to substitute for consulting a professional health therapist or life coach professionals. 


$95 evaluation and understating the issue we send you questions (one issue)

$ (voice  5 min or writing 300 words  )

offering MINDOZONE habit change program 

 unlimited access to our private group support with other friends in Facbook

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