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Quality of Mind, Quality of Life

Welcome to MIND OZONE, where professional transformation meets science and technology. As a Neuro-Mind Leadership consulting and training firm, we bring brain efficiency, and behavioral changes company, we specialize in elevating the potential of professional leaders who want to bend reality to achieve the impossible. Those who value the well-being and self-fulfillment of their team as well as their own, as a component of their success.


Our exceptional, multidisciplinary approach is built upon a foundation of proven neuroscience-based principles and cutting-edge Emotional AI technology. This is combined with the science of Organizational Psychology, delivering the perfect toolkit to elevate your workplace to new heights.


At MINDOZONE, we believe that empowering the work-life well-being of leaders-frontline culture shapers - can bring a more balanced world. So, whether you're looking to lead with greater confidence or seeking to revolutionize your organization, MINDOZONE is the perfect partner to make your vision a reality.




We bring neuro-mind leadership work culture, of Consulting, and training, with tools and systems to scale the team's impact on your business while bringing consistency to healthy and productive changes


Organizational Psychology and Future

Workforce Readiness Plan

  • Bring healthy Work-life habits into long-lasting behavior change

  • transform new information into lasting behavior change

  • Build a structural strategy to support mental-emotional health and productivity

  • Develop strategies for effective leadership & change management


  • Outcomes of Brain-Minded Leadership

  • boosting individual and organizational performance;

  • creating brain-engaging workplace cultures;

  • building high-performance teams;

  • emotional self-regulation;

  • ​effective communication;

  • effective decision-making and problem-solving;

  • creative thinking;

  • constructive collaboration;

  • fostering employee engagement and motivation;

  • facilitating and managing change;

  • dealing with workplace diversity;

  • managing conflict; and 

  • managing personal stress and dealing with constant change and adversity.​


We design a comprehensive neuro-mind leadership program for executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs to

  • Maintain brain longevity and inner well-being

  • Bring consistency into effective leader-minded behaviors

  • Rewire the brain through self-directed neuroplasticity to shift the attention to results best decision-making on uncertain situations


  • critical thinker, problem solver, and innovator

  • Neuro-Somatic Mindfulness (NSM)™ and   Self-Regulation and Self-Leadership


Lecture Room
Online Workshop


Alessandra P. Director of WHPS.jpg

Alessandra Pinheiro
Director of pre-school

Our school recently had a 50-employee online workshop for mental immunity and stress relief with Mindozone and the results have been phenomenal.  We highly recommend Mindozone for any organization looking to invest in their employees' mental wellbeing.

Professional Male

Bob Nekilson Ph.D
VP of production

I've been using Mindozone for the past few months and I have to say, it's been a game-changer for me. The combination of AI journaling technology and carefully crafted activities and exercises has helped me bring a new level of productivity to my day.

Before Mindozone, I found myself feeling overwhelmed and scattered, but now, I am able to stay focused and accomplish more in less time. The AI journaling technology has been particularly helpful in allowing me to reflect on my thoughts and emotions, and track my progress over time.

Portrait of Businesswoman

Rose P.Smith 

Mindozone not only help me at my workplace but also has helped my life in so many other ways. I've become more mindful and self-aware, and I've developed healthier habits that have positively impacted all areas of my life.

I highly recommend Mindozone to anyone looking to boost their productivity and improve their overall wellbeing. It's a powerful tool that will help you reach your full potential.


Aman Ghahraman
Finicial Advisor

 I am very impressed with you as a young engineer/ mother who created such an amazing tool for healing!

Great job, well done, my hats off to you & whoever in your team that has been supported you on design & production of this value creation.

I hope Public use this amazing tool & enjoy all the benefit that comes with it!


Jay Friedmann 
Disney Concept Production Artist

“I felt that the exercises could be beneficial in refocusing the mind and reinforcing the positive thought processes. I think this could be accomplished with regular and repeated use. I found that the visuals were very good and contributed to the overall effect without being distracting.”


Mindozone conducted a comprehensive study of 100 individuals to assess the effectiveness of our sequential mind-brain-sensory practices. The results were truly remarkable, showcasing a 300% improvement in mind-heart coherence levels and a shift from an active to a calm mental state. Additionally, the study revealed a significant reduction in stress levels and a noticeable increase in focus and attention. These positive outcomes were achieved after just 30 minutes of practicing our program.

These findings further demonstrate the impact that our program can have on individuals and highlight the importance of incorporating mind-body practices into our daily routines. Mindozone is committed to delivering evidence-based solutions to enhance the well-being and performance of individuals and organizations.

What is neuro-mind leadership? 


  Is an innovative approach to leadership that draws upon principles from neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness. a novel approach to leadership that starts from the core of a leader's being.


Neuro-mind leadership aims to empower leaders to develop a greater awareness of their own thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors to regulate their mental state for efficiency, empower innovative and critical thinking, and make more informed decisions.


This approach also emphasizes the importance of building positive relationships and creating a supportive work culture that promotes growth and development.




We firmly believe that neuro-mind leadership helps a leader's inner-design engineering which is the pillar of effective leadership. 

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The customized program has six main elements 

01 Daily Brain efficiency habit formations practices and techniques. Combination of mind-body-brain practices.

02 Weekly immensely practical, and immediately actionable tools to make you become high resiliency and coping skills stronger

03 Weekly The nudge technology works on a schedule designed by each participant

04 Accountability system 

05 Monthly live celebration brain/mind game-challenge-fun 

06 Analytics & Insight. 


 Techniques and skills to enhance the biology of the brain for a creative, healthy mind

Tools to learn the art of effortless flow of mindful actions to your healthy workstyle and lifestyle

elevate the energy of the mental state 

Tools and techniques to self resiliency -bend without breaking, develop the ability to withstand, adapt to, and recover from stress and adversity

Maintaining a state of mental health and well-being leads you to regulate emotions and understand the emotions the others and build 
strong social relationships

Learn and practice techniques to make the right decision, at the right time. The Feel Right, Think Right, Do Right strategy.

Connect with the community to elevate your potential.

 Connect with your intuitive and your higher self to transform your life 

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