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"Manifest Soulmate"

 Program Week 2

Elephant Love
Beautiful Landscape

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

- Maya Angelou


Congratulations! you have accomplished the first challenging week of the "Manifestation of Your Soulmate" program. If you make it here you easily can make it to the end of the program. From this day to the end of the session we will teach you how to keep your mind-body in harmony and maintaining your mental health as well as your physical health.


Today's practice;


 1- Send love and compassion to others.

Type the person's name (especially the one you have forgiven in the "Free of Resentment" session and send your kind word, good wishes to that person. 

Congratulations to you if you are now comfortably and peacefully can do that! Your heart is healed and cleaned of old negative blockage; you are emotionally-mentally ready to embrace love.

It's okay if you still have a hard time doing this practice, every case is different and everyone is different. But always there is a solution that can fit you the best, you may always to go back to the previous session (Day 3 or 4) for past resentment and forgiveness therapy. You can always share with your therapist for more help.

2- Follow the below guided video

Read the benefits of each practice (you may need to pause the video) as you repeat these powerful and simple practices during the day you will receive the claimed benefits. The key is repetition. If you need to more about the history of these practices please click here.


Remember to set your alarm for Night 8 audio track.

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Day 8
Day 9-14
Wild Nature
Boats in the Water

Day 9  to 14 

 As you have already noticed your mind-body energy, is getting way more in harmony and you pay attention you are more alert to your feelings and inner intuition. Notice and pay attention to the changes carefully which each one has a message for you that helps you to be aligned to your inner desire and your goal. 


In the next 6 days you may continue listening to your Audio Night series of Night 6, 7. to 14 and repeating Day 2  Day 4 practices on Week 1. balancing your mind-body with the ancient technique of Qigong.

We suggest you learn more about Qigong and its benefits before, Learn more.


This will help you increase your vitality to its potential when observing and experiencing your everyday life activities with a new attitude that you have already re-programmed in the last 8 days of this program.

You can select and try each one every day from the below Qigong series and choose the one that connects and fits the most to you. Before start rate your feelings and energy level so you can see the difference. You may choose to do each one every day to compare as they are so powerful practices.

30 Min Daily Chigong for beginners

30 Min Daily Chigong for beginners

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