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Mental and Emotional 

Post-COVID Readiness


Mindozone V05 Mental-Emotional Readiness
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Price: $1200

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This 21-day coach/course program is designed to train you on how to be resilient mentally and emotionally for the Post-COVID crisis. We believe that, more than any time in life, we all need to keep up with mental and emotional well-being to make wise and creative decisions. And the beauty of our program is you only need 30 min max per day to maintain that.

 During the upcoming worldwide recession and uncertainty, know how to be in charge of your mental state, and know-how to self-regulate emotion is critical. Your relationship depends on your emotional stability, no matter if you are working from home, lost your job, or none of the above. We believe learning new practical techniques to keep your state of mind proactive and keep your mind-body energy balanced and healthy is necessary. 

Here in our program, we will coach you step by step every day; We'll never let you be alone on the journey! 

Congratulations to our kin!

In the video, you may see similar activities during the self-directed guided video.


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