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Every Night

Night 1- 14 

Combination of Bed Time Story,

Affirmation and Binaural Beats 

Every night for 14 days, you have access to these powerful audio recordings, each built to the best result in positive mental energy and transfer your mindset to your desired paradigm.

We also set various methods each night to move the mentality closer to what your heart really wants, train you to manifest your soulmate mentally and emotionally when the right time arises.

"We suggest listening to each in sequence every night right before you go to sleep.

Why? because your brain wave is at a degree of frequency that can bypass the Conscious Critical Faculty, allowing the non-critical, non-logical, subconscious mind to consider positive thoughts and suggestions."

In NIGHT 3 and 5, we use Binaural Beats and sub-audible messaging ( the message we used for subaudible is the same affirmation when you hear from the track; we used 6 layers of recording to design these tracks. If you like to know more about it and how it works, you can click here.) 

In Night  9 to 12, we have designed another effective method to shift your mind to positive energy frequency, using wave therapy music (Binaural Beats). if you like to know more about the concept, please click here.)

Do Not Use any recording that has Binaural Beats if;
  • You are epileptic or prone to seizures or have had any history of those in the past.
  • You are Pregnant
  • Anyone with a Pacemaker or Heart problem
  • Under 18 years old

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