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Quality of Mind, Quality of Life

Who we are?

We are a coaching and consulting company that aids in the transformation of professional workforces for organizations and leaders.  Our multidisciplinary, science-based approach is for leaders who want to bend reality to achieve the impossible. Those who value the well-being and self-fulfillment of their team as well as their own, as a component of their success.

How do we do it?

We provide practical step-by-step techniques to your team using the combined proven neuroscience-backed principles and mind-body methods with the power of Emotional AI Technology.

  • Improve self-resiliency to proactively endure changes

  • Improve performance and engagement both in remote working and office

  • Optimize brain functionality to improve decision-making and creative thinking

  • Self-motivation, self-determination skills (SDT), and autonomy

  • Reduce distress, overwhelming stress that impairs functioning

  • Rewire your brain to create positive habits

Our mission
Our goal is to provide a workplace that will enrich people's lives. We believe well-being and success are co-related, which can transform organizations from the inside out and make a positive difference in our world.

Happy leaders, Happy Team, Happy life!



"During our 2019 alpha testing phase, we conducted a thorough examination of the efficacy of the MINDOZONE sequential mind-brain-sensory practices. The results showed a remarkable 98% reduction in stress levels and a notable increase in productivity after just 30 minutes of practice."


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