What is MINDOZONE?  

A guided wellbeing platform to consciousness.

MINDOZONE is a total mind, body and spiritual experience designed to enhance overall wellness and well-being. The experience is set up as a series of physical and mental exercises with interactive play engaging body sensories, tailored to your needs. Our guided video coaches you through this journey with different practices each day and exercises and educational materials. You only need between 15 to 30 minutes per day but being consistent with authentic effort! 

We believe the power of Small But Consistent Steps.     

How do we know it works?

To ensure you have access to the most powerful techniques available, in 2019 we evaluated our program through our Focus Group to test the effectiveness of our program after 30-minute use.


The methods we used besides using surveys, we used the leading-edge advanced technology that is used for scientific researchers to measure heart coherence, energy reserves and monitoring the electrical activity of the brain (EEG). The result after 30 min use of MINDOZONE influenced every person on improving on energy level and coherence in mind-body and reduction on stress level ( the percentage was varied per induvial.)


Our Vision:

Our vision is to have a world full of healthy and happy people

In MINDOZONE we believe wellbeing and consciousness are an unbroken chain of connection!

we are here for each other to help to facilitate this journey - the connected consciousness- starting by learning and practicing wellbeing skills and together we become beneficial to the whole. As Dr. Amit Goswami Quantum activism, on his book called- A quantum integration- “we change the world by changing ourselves simultaneously”.

When our wellbeing is tuned, we are in tune with universal consciousness and We become one that is the “birthing” of humanity (credited to Barbara Marx Hubbard).

Every step we take on our Well-being (state of inner-happiness, mind-body-spirit) and wellness (State of being physically healthy), we are one step closer to connected consciousness.


Our Story